COVID-19: Morgan Freeman shares his advice for getting through the pandemic

Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman has shared his advice for getting through the COVID-19 pandemic - "don't stress".

When asked to give a 'calming message' to wrap up 2020 on The Project on Tuesday, Freeman replied: "Don't worry. Don't stress."

"Stress is what will kill you. This too will pass. Just wait and see… and maybe, maybe we will have learned something."

Freeman says the pandemic has made him learn the art of patience.

"Patience. I play golf every day. You learn patience."

The Oscar-winning actor starred in 1995 film Outbreak, a medical disaster film on the spread of a fictional Ebola-like virus.

Freeman said living through a real-life version of the movie was "surreal".

"Surreal is a good term for it," Freeman said.

"I guess everybody else in the world has never experienced anything like this before. So I say to my girlfriend all the time, we are living in interesting times… very interesting times." 

His latest film, The Comeback Trail, starring Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones - is a movie about movies.

When asked if he ever gets starstruck working with other Hollywood legends, Freeman replied: "Starstruck, I don't think that quite works for me anymore."

"I'm certainly greatly impressed with myself when I get a chance to work with someone for that," he said.

"De Niro - just watching him work from his early days, total chameleon… He could do a part and then walk out on the street and be absolutely unrecognisable. You love that."

Watch his full interview on The Project.