Halsey accuses Grammy judges of taking bribes after her album fails to get nominated

Halsey accuses Grammy judges of corruption, taking bribes after her album Manic doesn't get nominated.
Halsey. Photo credit: Getty

Pop star Halsey has come out swinging after not receiving a Grammy nomination this year, accusing the music awards of corruption and bribe-taking.

The 'You Should Be Sad' hitmaker made her claims in an Instagram Story post, saying a lot of people had extended sympathy after she missed out this year.

"The Grammys are an elusive process," Halsey wrote.

"It can often be about behind the scenes private performances, knowing the right people, campaigning through the grapevine, with just the right handshakes and 'bribes' that can be just ambitious enough to pass as 'not-bribes'.

"If you get that far, it's about committing to exclusive TV performances and making sure you help the Academy make their millions in advertising on the night of the show.

"Perhaps sometimes it is (!!), but it's not always about the music or quality or culture. Just wanted to get that off my chest."

Halsey went on to suggest her album Manic should have been nominated, along with The Weeknd, but added she "can't care anymore".

Halsey posts Instagram Story accusing Grammy Awards of taking bribes after her 2020 album Manic gets allegedly snubbed.
Photo credit: Instagram / Halsey

The 2021 Grammy Award nominations were announced last week. Beyonce leads the nods with nine, while Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa and Roddy Rich each had six apiece.

Halsey finishes her note saying she hopes the Grammys show "more transparency or reform", but acknowledges she's probably going to be blacklisted due to the accusations.