Jacinda Ardern's Spitting Image puppet gets 'high as a kite' with a sheep in new BBC comedy sketch

Jacinda Arden's likeness in puppet form has made another appearance on the BritBox comedy sketch show Spitting Image, this time celebrating her "landslide" election victory by smoking cannabis. 

The skit also sees the return of the Prime Minister's talking sheep umbrella, which featured in the first Mary Poppins-inspired Spitting Image sketch that went viral last month. 

"I guess you feel pretty proud of yourself after winning a landslide election in New Zealand," the sheep umbrella asks the Prime Minister during the bit, in a comically thick Kiwi accent. 

"Practically perfect people expect to win by landslides!" Ardern's puppet replies. 

"Aren't you even going to celebrate?" the sheep asks. 

"Well, maybe I'll do that thing I did just once when I was a kid," the Prime Minister puppet responds, before taking a long drag on what appears to be a joint. 

Ardern's puppet then bursts into song, albeit one with a slightly different theme from the 'Super-Kiwi-socialistic-empire-of-Jacinda' tune of the October episode. 

"Let's get high as a kite / up to the gnarliest height," Ardern's puppet sings. 

In an apparent reference to the Prime Minister's recent admission she had smoked cannabis "a long time ago", the puppet then sings: "I said I only tried it once and I didn't like it." 

"Politicians never say / that they like the Mary Jane," the song continues. 

"So let's get high, high as a kite," Ardern's puppet concludes, before falling back into a bed of clouds. 

"She's so stoned she thinks her umbrella is talking to her!" the talking sheep umbrella chimes in. 

The clip comes off the back of Ardern revealing how she voted in New Zealand's two recent referendums, announcing she voted 'yes' for both the legalisation of cannabis and euthanasia. 

Ardern's re-election may have been a landslide, but the results of the cannabis referendum were not, with preliminary numbers showing 53.1 percent of voters voted against the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill.

The new season of Spitting Image was commissioned by BritBox which is a joint venture subscription service between BBC and ITV.