Julia Ormond stars in new movie Reunion filmed in New Zealand

There are so many legends of the big screen who've had the honour of sharing it with Julia Ormond.

Sir Sean Connery may have been her first knight, but there's also Sir Richard of House Gere, Sir John Gielgud, Sir Han Solo, and Sir Anthony Hopkins - and there's, of course, Sir Brad.

Ormond is now a long way from the rolling hills of Montana, she's headlining a creepy horror film, shot in New Zealand, called Reunion.

She plays Ivy, the estranged mother of pregnant Ellie, thrust back together to pack up the disturbingly sinister family house.

The mother-daughter dynamic is clearly steeped in secrets and lies, things get darker and more weird by the minute, and Ormond was in boots and all.

"It was quite uncompromising, and very committed, to being an authentic drama," she says.  

"Delivering that, giving these quite rich roles, quite textured, layered characters, it kept surprising me."

Ormond herself gave a rare insight into what it's like to have to come up from the depths of immersion in a role, and have to do several press interviews along the way. 

"Interviewing me during the process of actually filming, is a bit like interviewing me three-quarters of the way through a marathon where my legs are wobbly, and if someone said 'would you like to stop now' I would be like 'yeah I think I've had enough'." 

Having those feelings doesn't mean it's wrong, she says.

"It's just part of the process and part of what it brings up." 

The fabulous Ormond and her movie Reunion have just landed in Kiwi cinemas.