Kiwi actor Julian Dennison on playing the troublemaker in Christmas Chronicles 2

Kiwi actor Julian Dennison has revealed a shocking connection between him and his character from his upcoming film The Christmas Chronicles 2.

The 18-year-old landed a role as troublemaker Belsnickel, the movie's scheming antagonist, who tries to ruin Christmas.

The actor, who previously starred in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, said he was the perfect fit for the character because he hates Christmas.

"Christmas - I hate it. I honestly don't enjoy it, it's annoying," he told The Project on Wednesday.

"I don't like spending time with family. The BBQ normally in the morning is kinda yuck, so I kind of wanted to ruin it."

The Kiwi actor, who worked alongside Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, said working with Hollywood royalty has set the bar high for him.

"I think when they step into a room you know they're there," he said.

"I worked with Kurt and just being able to bounce off him - him having the same passion that I do for the character - they're just super down to earth and lovely to work with."

Dennison, who's made a name for himself playing the 'naughty kid,' says there's always a light at the end of the tunnel for these bad characters.

"They say actors always relate to their characters. But sometimes it is hard because I did grow up with a family and people who love me, so to be able to tap into that can be hard."

"But I love being able to play those characters because there is an arc and there is a really big turning point and I want to play a character where you can see him change."