Review: Happiest Season starring Kristen Stewart is genuinely laugh-out-loud

Tis the season and there's already a Christmas movie in cinemas to prove it - it's called Happiest Season and it stars Kristen Stewart and MacKenzie Davis.

The Christmas bells are ringing and it's time to deck the halls with this year's batch of the good, the bad and the ugly festive flicks - luckily Happiest Season falls into the good category. 

Abby and Harper are in love and on a whim, Harper invites her girlfriend home for Christmas. The only thing is, Harper hasn't been entirely honest with her family and they have no idea she's gay.

She asks Abby to play the part of the straight roommate, and you don't need a spoiler alert to tell you that's not going to be easy.

Harper's father is running for mayor, her neurotic and entirely hilarious mother is addicted to Instagram, and both are completely oblivious to the lives all three of their daughters live and who they really are.

The refreshingly authentic script mines humour and heart from some unexpected quarters, and while there's no ignoring the fact this is Hollywood's version of Christmas, it's still a Christmas worth celebrating.

It can be difficult for some to really love a rom-com, especially a Christmas rom-com, but this movie is just what 2020 needs right now. 

Genuinely laugh-out-loud and just genuinely genuine full-stop, this festive love story is exactly the kind of Christmas everyone deserves.

Four-and-a-half stars.