Ryan Bridge: I feel terrible for Meghan and Harry, but publicising their tragedy seems an odd thing to do

OPINION: I feel terrible for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry - they lost their second child due to a miscarriage.

It's the news no parent or would-be parent wants to hear and I know how hard this can be - all of us know somebody who has been through the pain of it.

But, unlike Meghan, most of those who go through something like this tell their close friends and family and seek support from a counsellor or a support group. Those are all good and healthy things to do.

Meghan chose to publicise her news by writing an article for the New York Times. We're unsure if she was paid for it but it seems an odd thing to do for a couple who claim they want out of the media spotlight and want to keep their personal lives private.

It's written a bit like a novel; she speaks about dropping to the floor with her son Archie in her arms, and then the contrast of the sterile white hospital walls. It's all very dramatic.

No doubt the American actress has suffered a great tragedy, but the way she's chosen to share it will, no doubt, lead many to question her real motives for doing so.

Ryan Bridge is a co-host of The AM Show.