The Edge host Meg Mansell reveals heartbreaking reason she'll never talk diet, weight loss on Instagram

  • 10/11/2020

The Edge radio host Megan Mansell has revealed why she'll never discuss diet culture or weight loss on Instagram, explaining she had previously felt triggered when following accounts that discussed fitness, diet and weight. 

Mansell, who shares updates on fashion hauls, her progress with hobbies like watercolour painting and her life with her husband Guy and their pets, said that her personal history with an eating disorder meant that she wanted her page to be free from those topics. 

"I will never talk about or promote anything to do with diets, diet culture, weight or weight loss on my platforms," Mansell captioned a selfie.

"I made a conscious decision not to a few years ago now not to and I'll explain why. I had many years where I suffered from an eating disorder and I personally would be triggered in my bulimia whenever I saw someone talk about their diet or fitness, so I want to be a place where people will never see me talking about it even when I go up or down in weight." 

The Edge breakfast show host said she tried to focus on being "body neutral" as much as she can as part of her remission from bulimia. Meanwhile, she stressed that she was not criticising people or publications that covered the subjects of weight loss, diet and fitness. 

"There are so many amazing influencers, celebrities, articles, websites, magazines and people that talk about their journeys with weight loss, whether it be tips or struggles that help and inspire people if that is something that you enjoy and look for," she wrote. 

"They do a fantastic job and this post is not to tear anyone down or think I am better than anyone. It's all love here, I just wanted to let you know why I don't and that you will not see it here." 

Mansell's post prompted words of encouragement from her Edge colleagues Sharyn Casey and Dom Harvey, along with more of her followers who thanked her for providing a safe space on social media. 

"So refreshing to hear/see," one Instagram user wrote. "Sick of my feed being flooded with all this stuff I don't want to see. Thank you so much for being real." 

"You are beautiful. You have always been a safe space for me with your body positivity and self-love," wrote another. 

"So glad your account is a safe space from the constant narrative of diet culture," offered a third. 

Mansell has previously spoken out about the damaging effect nasty online comments about her appearance have had on her mental health. She has also promoted body confidence, urging Edge listeners to pursue self-acceptance by remembering: "You're so much more than what your physical body is."