'The world hates you': Camilla faces onslaught of abuse from The Crown fans

Fans of The Crown have flooded the royal family's social media channels with hateful messages directed at Camilla Parker Bowles after the Netflix series depicted her infamous affair with Prince Charles while he was still married to Princess Diana.  

The Clarence House Twitter account, which provides updates on Charles and Camilla, has been forced to turn comments off on several posts pertaining to the Duchess of Cornwall's work with a homelessness charity. 

Meanwhile, a photo of Camilla posted on the official Instagram account of the royal family prompted a tirade of negative comments, along with thousands that read simply: "Diana forever." 

The fourth series of The Crown dramatises the breakdown of Diana and Charles' relationship, placing much focus on Camilla's presence in both of their lives. 

The show asserts Camilla and Charles' conducted an affair throughout the entire royal marriage, however according to the Daily Mail, they did not resume a relationship until five years after Charles and Diana were wed. The couple divorced in 1996, but not before Diana declared "there were three of us in this marriage" in a BBC interview

"Camilla: The world hates you. Princess Diana forever," one Instagram user commented on a photo of Camilla. 

"A leopard doesn't change its spots - please stop Camilla photos," said another. 

"Shame on you forever, Camilla!" a third offered, while another fan of the show chimed in: "I watched The Crown baby, I don't like you." 

"Yes, the Crown is a dramatization but the reality of what happened to Diana was awful," one comment read.  "She will be forever remembered as the 'Queen of People's Hearts' and Camilla was the 'other woman'." 

Meanwhile, others felt the trolling of Camilla was unfair, citing the fact that The Crown's storylines might not paint an accurate picture of events. 

"Lots of people anti-Camilla. Many of these were not old enough to even remember Lady Diana," one comment read. 

"The Netflix TV show is just that, a TV show. Charles and Diana had an arranged marriage and three people plus the children suffered because of that arranged marriage." 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have copped backlash for their multi-million deal with Netflix, with some royal sources saying the partnership has caused "raised eyebrows" due to the portrayal of the royals in the streaming giant's series. 

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