'We try to follow the rules': Kris Jenner defends Kendall's crowded, maskless party as US COVID-19 cases surge

Kris Jenner has defended her daughter Kendall Jenner's controversial birthday party, which saw at least 100 celebrity guests crowd into a rooftop venue without masks or social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With the United States experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases, Kendall's party flouted many of the guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), infuriating the public when photos and videos of the event made it online. 

"We're dealing with lots of people that have different opinions," Kris said in an interview with Andy Cohen. 

"All we can do is live our lives the best way we know how, and be responsible and do the right thing. And we're doing that. And I think, I am very sensitive to what's going on."

The CDC has stated that people living in America should be putting six feet of distance between themselves and people who are not a member of their own household. Events are encouraged to be held outdoors, and attendees should wear masks to lower the risk of the virus spreading. Photos taken at the event show one staffer wearing a mask, and Jaden Smith donning a plastic oxygen mask - perhaps ironically - but very little else in the way of face coverings. 

"We live our lives just trying to be really good people," Kris insisted. "I've really tried so hard." 

Kris said that all Kendall's guests underwent a rapid test before being allowed to enter the party, adding that they had to wait half an hour for the results. 

"And everybody was tested before a few days before the, you know, Halloween. So we are really responsible and we make sure that everyone in our family and our closest friends are tested religiously," she added. 

Buzzfeed notes that while Kris didn't disclose which company the rapid tests were made by, a recent study of Quidel's rapid tests found that they only detected 32 percent of positive cases. 

"We do what we can, we, we try to follow the rules. And then if people are, you know, they're commenting and they're being critical, I can't control that," Kris said. 

The Kardashian/Jenner clan have come under fire in a myriad of ways for their recently handling of events and information during the pandemic. 

Kim Kardashian prompted outrage with her "tone deaf" tweets about her lavish 40th birthday party on a private island, while Khloe Kardashian was dubbed "out of touch" for defending the bash as good for the island's tourism and paying locals' bills. Shortly after Kendall's Halloween event received backlash, her half-sister Kourtney Kardashian was lambasted for spreading "incredibly dangerous" misinformation about face masks to her 102 million Instagram followers.