Whoopi Goldberg blasts Donald Trump for 'not caring if people lived or died' as COVID-19 cases skyrocket again in US

Whoopi Goldberg has laid into current US President Donald Trump for "sitting around doing nothing" as America continues to be ravaged by COVID-19 with a new grim milestone of over 250,000 deaths just reached. 

The actor and host of The View lamented the rapid spread of the virus while messaging from the White House and Republican leaders remained muddled over implementing proven preventative measures such as mask-wearing. 

"We are nine months into this pandemic," she said. "People are still not on the same page about all this? What is happening?"

Reeling at a clip of Trump's Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany dubbing mask guidelines "a loss of freedom" and "not the American way", Goldberg responded: "I don't even know what to say". 

The Sister Act star called Trump's spreading of misinformation about both coronavirus and the results of the US election "willful ignorance", insisting the former reality TV star has "blood on his hands". 

"I’m sorry. You know, at some point, you know what you are looking at. He did not win. He lost this election, and because he lost all those people who now have the virus who don't make it from now until January 20th [when Joe Biden will be sworn in as President], this blood is on his hands," she said. 

"Because this isn't like he’s sitting around thinking, 'How can I help?' He's sitting around doing nothing.

"I don't know when America turned into this particular version of America, but I got to tell you I don't like it. We've always had conversations that we don't agree with people, but I've never seen a president that didn't care whether people lived or died, and it’s very clear." 

Trump's public events schedule has been unusually empty in the days since the election. He continues to tweet false claims about election fraud but has said very little about the huge increases in COVID-19 cases around the country.