Auckland rock band Villainy prepare for summer tours

As major cities around the world announce hard lockdowns this holiday season, the New Zealand summer could well be the envy of the world.

Many Kiwi bands are taking advantage of that and Auckland rockers Villainy are no exception. They're getting ready to hit the road touring after a year of cancellations.

"We were due to play Homegrown in March, that obviously didn't happen. We were going to go out on the road after that, that obviously didn't happen. We were going to go overseas after that, that obviously didn't happen," vocalist Neill Fraser told Newshub.

That spare time wasn't put to waste. The band filling the void by improvising live gigs for fans and posting the videos online.

"It's a little bit of a weird scenario for everyone, so being able to see bands that you like also holed away and still trying to get on with - it was maybe a bit of an uplifting thing for some people, it was great," the band's drummer Dave Johnston says.

Fast-forward a few months of freedom though, and the guys are raring to get back onto an actual stage.

A six-date summer tour kicks off in February - their first local shows in 18 months.

"This is the only thing that's happening in the world right now, like the only thing and that just blows your mind", says Fraser.

The band's international fans will have to wait a little longer to see them up close but the prospect of an Australian bubble opening soon has the rockers excited.

Their last shows before the pandemic were across the ditch and it's a run they'd like to finish.

"It was this thing where you have all the pieces of groundwork and then you have to pause," lead guitarist Thom Watts says.

"Getting to basically carry on where we were would be great."

For now it's Kiwis who get to enjoy what Villainy has to offer this summer, who are dusting off the chords after a year of waiting.