Audio leaks of Tom Cruise raging at crew on set of Mission: Impossible about COVID-19 rules

A leaked audio recording from the set of Mission: Impossible 7 reveals a furious Tom Cruise raging at crew members who allegedly broke COVID-19 rules during filming. 

In the clip, obtained by The Sun, Cruise can be heard threatening workers they'll be "f**king gone" if they don't practise social distancing. 

The tirade reportedly took place after the actor spotted two crew members standing within 2m of one another. 

"I don't ever want to see it again, ever!" Cruise screams. 

"If I see you do it again you're f**king gone. And if anyone in this crew does it – that's it, and you too and you too. And you, don't you ever f**king do it again." 

Cruise began his rant by insisting production of Mission: Impossible 7 should be "the gold standard" in terms of COVID-19 protocol, being one of the first blockbusters to begin filming again since the pandemic began. 

"They're back there in Hollywood making movies right now because of us! Because they believe in us and what we're doing!" he says.

"I'm on the phone with every f**king studio at night, insurance companies, producers, and they're looking at us and using us to make their movies. We are creating thousands of jobs you motherf**kers." 

The audio has an emotional Cruise saying he is "sleeping every night" with the future of the film industry on his mind, telling the crew he was "beyond their apologies". 

"That's it! No apologies. You can tell it to the people that are losing their f**king homes because our industry is shut down. It's not going to put food on their table or pay for their college education." 

"Do you understand what I want? Do you understand the responsibility that you have?" Cruise continues. 

"Because I will deal with your reason. And if you can't be reasonable and I can't deal with your logic, you're fired. That's it. That is it." 

According to Deadline, Cruise - who is also the film's producer - helped develop the COVID-19 guidelines designed to get the film made. The production shot in Italy, Norway and London, and was reportedly forced to shut down for "a couple of days" in Italy due to the coronavirus pandemic.