Eleven7four inspiring Kiwi youngsters with school concert series

An up and coming Kiwi music duo are targeting new fans - but not in the way you might think.

Eleven7four has been performing in schools in attempts to inspire their growing fan base and it seems they're leaving a lasting impression.

From the school hall to the courtyard, the pair brought energy and excitement to lunchtime breaks around the country, impressing students from eight schools in 10 days with a taste of their new music and leaving their new fans with something to think about, too. 

"Seeing the way the kids respond to you, is incredible, they're actually inspired and in awe, and for me, it was like I'm doing something right," Muche Murare told Newshub. 

He and twin brother Shingi moved to New Zealand from Zimbabwe when they were children. 

Their passion for music was ignited eight years ago when they made a diss track about a rival high school. 

"It was our first little taste of fandom or being like oh I heard your songs, cool." 

They decided to chase the dream, learning about their craft with a diploma in audio engineering from SAE. 

"That just makes it so your experience in the studio, your hands-on, every process, every part of the process, you get to oversee everything," Shingi said. "Having that tool at our disposal has changed everything." 

Today, Eleven7four has more than 2 million plays on Spotify and a catalogue of their own hits to their name.

They're having fun along the way; their vibrant video clip released this week of their new track 'What's Hannin' has already garnered thousands of views. 

But their growing success has highlighted the importance of giving back. 

"I had to inspire myself. I never had someone come and push me towards the right direction... so if I can be there and be like 'the world is your oyster'," Shingi said. 

And it's working, with the pair getting thank you messages like one from a student who said they're "inspired to work harder" after they stopped by.  

"That's the kind of impact that reassures us it's a good thing that we're doing." 

Eleven7four are paving the way for others to make something of their dreams, too.