New, genderfluid Flash character Jess Chambers debuted by DC Comics

New, genderfluid Flash character Jess Chambers / Kid Quick debuted by DC Comics.
Jess Chambers, aka Kid Quick. Photo credit: DC Comics

The latest Flash character has made their official debut in DC Comics and they are the first ever to be non-binary.

Jess Chambers, aka Kid Quick, is genderfluid and uses they/them pronouns.

They're a speedster from Earth-11 who will be the Flash in the upcoming Future State: Justice League series.

But ahead of that, Jess has been debuted as part of the new Teen Justice team in short story 'To Stop The Star-Conqueress', part of DC's Very Merry Multiverse written by Ivan Cohen.

Alongside Kid Quick are gender-flipped versions of classic heroes including Supergirl, Aquagirl and a female Robin.

In an interview, Cohen says it was his idea to make Jess genderfluid.

"There are so many Flash characters in the DC Multiverse, we knew anyone we added to that category had to be really different from the rest," he told ScreenRant.

"I suggested that Kid Quick could be Earth-11's first genderfluid character and once editors saw [artist] Eleonora Carlini's terrific take on the character design, there was suddenly a lot of interest in them for stories beyond the Merry Multiverse special."

So who knows, maybe Jess will one day be seen on the big screen in a DC Extended Universe film.