'Illegal and disgusting': YouTuber Gabi Demartino apologises for selling nude video of herself as a child on OnlyFans

'Illegal and disgusting': YouTuber Gabi Demartino apologises for selling nude video of herself as a child on OnlyFans
Photo credit: Instagram/Gabi Demartino

YouTuber and Instagram influencer Gabi Demartino has come under fire for trying to sell a nude video of herself as a child on the content subscription service OnlyFans. 

Demartino was banned from the website, which is particularly popular with adult entertainers and sex workers, after teasing video subscribers or 'fans' could purchase for US$3 with the caption "won't put my panties on". 

The 30-second clip is reported to have been home video footage of the popular vlogger as a young child - aged somewhere between three and six years old - flashing the camera multiple times and refusing to wear her underwear. 

The video quickly caused outrage online, prompting many to complain to OnlyFans and condemn Demartino for "selling child pornography". 

"OnlyFans this content is disturbing, inappropriate and illegal. Please do something," one Twitter user wrote. 

"There are victims of child abuse and porn out there who are fighting for their photos and videos to be removed from the internet and Gabi Demartino is sexualising one of herself as a toddler and uploading it herself for money," said another. 

Demartino later downplayed the video as a "goofy throwback family moment," but did apologise, admitting she "hadn't thought it out completely". 

Before removing the video, the content creator defended the clip, saying she was "jumping up and down laughing" in the video, and insisting she used her OnlyFans account as a way to share personal content in the way she would normally with close friends. 

Meanwhile, online commentators alleged Demartino, at the age of 25, knew exactly what she was doing. 

"She sold child porn. It's a crime," one tweet read. 

"You sold it on a platform where people usually buy their porn, it's not like Facebook or Instagram," read another. "You're not being unfairly judged." 

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, a representative from OnlyFans confirmed that Demartino's account had been deactivated after it violated company policy. 

Demartino has over 4.4 million Instagram followers and 3.24 million subscribers to her 'Fancy Vlogs by Gab' YouTube channel.