Kiwi boy 'humbled' after Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson responds to anti-domestic violence message

A Kiwi boy and his family are 'humbled' after Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson praised their anti-domestic violence message. 

Angelau Brown from Christchurch sent a letter to the Hollywood actor last week asking him to help raise awareness about domestic violence.

Brown and his father are part of the 'She is not your rehab' group - which helps men stop domestic violence.

The five-year-old sent him a T-shirt featuring the group's slogan: 'She is not your rehab,' encouraging The Rock to promote the message.

When The Rock responded to his letter, Angelau and his family were blown away.

Speaking on The Project on Tuesday, Brown's father said it was "very humbling" to hear his response.

"I think every Polynesian boy growing up in the world, let alone Aotearoa, looked up to the Rock," he said.

"It was very humbling to hear and read his response back to my son."

Angelou's mum said the whole community that got behind the message were all really moved after his response.

"Our whole community got behind the messaging, to get that message sent to him, we're very moved and grateful and humbled that so many supported the message and we believe that's really the heart of it." 

In his letter, Angelou called on the rock to promote the message. 

"Dear Mr Rock, my name is Angelou Brown and I am 5 years old. I live in Christchurch, New Zealand," Brown wrote.

"My dad is Samoan so I'm pretty sure you're his cousin. And since you're part of the aiga [family], I thought I'd send you a gift. It's a T-shirt.

"Not just any T-shirt. This T-shirt my dad and my uncles wear to encourage other men to treat girls well."

"I think you are the strongest man on the planet that many men look up to," Brown wrote in his letter. 

"If you wear this T-shirt then I think they will listen to you and we can help houses everywhere be violence-free."

The Hollywood celebrity responded to his message on Monday and said he was very proud of him for reaching out.

"Angelou, it's Uncle Rock. Yes, I'm your 'uncle' because of course, all us Samoans are related," he wrote on Instagram.

"I'm very proud of you, son. You don't understand yet, because you're too young but just know how courageous and inspiring you are to myself and our aiga, but now - to the world."