Lorde's trip to Antarctica inspired the name of her new album

Kiwi superstar Lorde has described her trip to Antarctica as "the greatest thing that will ever happen to her".

In a new interview, the 24-year-old revealed the icy continent also inspired the name of her new album.

"It's such an alien environment and it's so dazzling, straight away," she told Newshub.

Lorde, or Ella Yellich-O'Connor, was hosted on the ice by Antarctica New Zealand in 2019.

The reason? Well... to learn.

"I wanted to learn about the science that was happening down there and I wanted to learn about what Kiwis were doing down there."

Seeing adélie penguins and taking ice-temperature readings were among many adventures she experienced.

The 'Green Light' artist also spent time flying across ice shelves, in a helicopter at night. 

And despite having played in some of the planet's biggest arenas - this beat it all.

"I had this very distinct moment of thinking, 'this is the coolest your life will ever get, like, this is it'."

But it wasn't all fun and games.

Antarctica is greatly affected by a changing climate, with warming oceans and retreating ice.

The trip was a chance to learn more, to share with her millions of online followers.

"It doesn't feel doomy when you're down there. I felt an incredible amount of hope."

Since Lorde returned she's published an essay, and is writing her new book.

Perhaps her fans will be most excited to hear there's a new album on its way.

"I actually decided on the album name right around that trip," she said.

"Just coming back from that trip I thought, this is what it is."

What that actually is, remains a secret - like most of her projects.

But what is for sure, is the inspiration, behind her new music.