Matilda Green's fiery response to parent-shamers who called her baby 'another Madeleine McCann'

Matilda Green has fired back at online trolls who called their baby son "another Madeleine McCann waiting to happen", telling them to "get f**ked". 

The comments came after Art Green posted a photo of the reality television couple enjoying a holiday on Kawau Island, explaining in the caption that the pair were having a date night at their accommodation's restaurant while their son slept in their room. 

"Milo safely snoring his little head off in our room. Baby monitors rule," he wrote. 

One Instagram user took issue with the former Bachelor NZ star's explanation, comparing baby Milo to Madeleine McCann, who disappeared from her bed in 2007 while her family was on holiday in Portugal. Her parents were dining at a restaurant 55m away from the apartment. 

The commenter then went on to allege they "couldn't see any baby monitors" in the photo, dubbing Art and Matilda "neglectful" and asking "so where actually is Milo?" 

In response to the initial comments and one other Instagram user who agreed, Matilda wrote: "Not that it's any of your business but our phones are the baby monitor. We use an app where we can see him the whole time? And we can literally see our door?

"Thanks for the judgement on our parenting, you can both get f**ked." 

Matilda Green's fiery response to parent-shamers who called her baby 'another Madeleine McCann'
Photo credit: Instagram/Art Green

Matilda's comment received a raft of support, with fans commenting: "Say it sis!" and calling her response "gold". 

Several commenters lept to the defense of Art and Matilda, asking the parent-shamers "wtf is wrong with you?" and declaring the criticism "awful and self-righteous". 

"Your comment is deluded and makes you sound like you're some kind of kidnapper," one Instagram user told them. 

"Since when has it not been okay to have dinner on the same deck as the house/accommodation where you are staying? This would effectively rule out eating on your own deck at home while safely monitoring the well-being of your child?" 

"Geez you people need to get a life, don't comment if you have nothing positive to say, what sad lives you must lead," wrote another. 

Last week, Art and Matilda announced they were expecting their second child, who is due in June next year. The couple's holiday in Kawau Island was billed as an "early baby moon before the magical chaos of two under two".