Meghan Markle and Prince Harry give world rare glimpse of Archie in family Christmas card

Archie is pictured in the Sussex family Christmas card.
Archie is pictured in the Sussex family Christmas card. Photo credit: Twitter - @themayhew

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have given the world a rare glimpse of their son Archie in their family Christmas card.

The card, released in partnership with animal welfare charity Mayhew which Meghan is the patron for, shows an artist's impression of the family sitting outside with their two dogs.

In the image, a rather grown-up one-year-old Archie sporting a mop of red hair can be seen sitting on his father's knee outside a shed.

The Duchess of Sussex is seen extending her arm out to Archie and the family's two dogs Pula and Guy are sat in front, staring up at the relaxed, smiling trio. 

Archie, who has not been seen in public since his first birthday in May, wore a navy jumper, jeans, and white sneakers. 

The Sussexes have made a donation to Mayhew, the charity thanking them via Twitter.

"We're thrilled to receive wonderful Christmas wishes from our Parton, The Duchess of Sussex, who also made a personal donation, helping dogs, cats, and our community," Mayhew wrote.

"From all of us at Mayhew, thank you and Merry Christmas."

In a statement, Mayhew shared an excerpt of what was written by Meghan in the card.

"This year we, as a family, have made donations to several charities with you in mind. From a local California organisation that helps families transition out of homelessness to two of our UK patronages: one that supports animal and community welfare, and the other, a memorial fund for a cherished friend that helps to educate children and fight poverty in Uganda, we have honoured their work on behalf of all of us."

The charity said they were honoured to have the Duchess of Sussex as their patron and her family's generosity will help them "weather the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and enable us to reach the animals and people who are struggling".

The family are reportedly spending Christmas at their home in California. It will be the second year they have missed the royal Christmas after spending the day with Meghan's mother in Canada in 2019.

Although for the first time in decades, the royal family will not be gathering in person for Christmas due to COVID-19 restrictions.