Nigella Lawson responds after causing internet meltdown with pronunciation of 'microwave'

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has responded after viewers of her BBC cooking show were sent into hysterics by her pronunciation of the word microwave. 

During a recent episode of Lawson's show Cook, Eat, Repeat, the British chef declared that she had heated some milk in the "mee-cro-wah-vay" - a moment that quickly went viral in a short clip shared on social media.  

"Eternally grateful to Nigella Lawson for letting us know we've all been mispronouncing microwave for the last 50 (or so) years," one Twitter user wrote. 

Another wrote that Lawson's pronunciation had "made their Christmas already". 

Meanwhile, questions remained over whether the Nigella Bites star was deliberately mispronouncing the word, or was simply unaware her variation was so wildly different from the norm. 

"Am I the only one who thought @Nigeella_Lawson was being sarcastic when she pronounced Meecro-wavé?! Now, I'm starting to think she really pronounces it like that?" one tweet read. 

"Well, I do say it like that, but not because I think that's how it's actually pronounced," Lawson responded, retweeting the exchange with the caption: "Can this be the end of it now?" 

Lawson explained to another Twitter user that her jazzy way of saying the word was "a camp joke that became a habit". 

Regardless of its origins, some fans declared they would now only refer to the kitchen appliance in Lawson's unique style. 

"Henceforth, 'mecrowavay' shall forever be in my vocabulary and microwave will cease to exist - Queen Nigella Lawson has spoken," one tweet read.