Post-Credits podcast: NZ's 'most wholesome' streamer on viral fame, meeting Jacinda Ardern

 Post-Credits podcast: NZ's 'most wholesome' streamer on viral fame, meeting Jacinda Ardern
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From his Rotorua workshop, the carver known only as Broxh has amassed over a million followers on streaming service Twitch -  but you won't hear him brag about it anytime soon. 

Dubbed the world's 'most wholesome' streamer by his legion of fans, Broxh shot to viral fame through streaming whakairo (traditional Māori wood carving) with a trademark humble attitude and relaxed demeanour.

In April, in the midst of New Zealand's first lockdown, Broxh melted hearts worldwide by attempting to return money to a viewer which they had donated by subscribing to his Twitch channel, asking them to instead spend it on their family. 

His generosity caught the eye of New Zealand's political leaders, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern eventually stopping by his workshop in September to spend some time carving live on stream. 

Speaking to Newshub's Post-Credits podcast, Broxh said the experience was surreal from the start. 

"So I got a phone call from a lady saying 'Hey is this Broxh? The Prime Minister would really like to meet you.' I did have a bit of a Tony Stark moment though, cause they thought I was Broxh's agent at first but I had to be like, Nah I'm Broxh!"

Broxh said it took a little research before he was ready to believe what was happening. 

"I was so confused. I thought these guys were pulling my leg. She gave her name and then I googled her and she was actually the head press secretary for Aunty Jacinda's office, so then it started to sink in. So then I started to panic and get nervous - why would she want to come see me!"

"When her van turned up my heart just wanted to jump out of my chest but she was really down to earth, nice to talk to. Just talking aye, was like catching up with a family member. I let her have a go on a piece and she was actually really good, didn't have to fix it up at all."

The Prime Minister even returned last week to personally drop off a Christmas present for Broxh's baby.

It isn't just politicians who've taken a shine to the humble carver, with Australian streamer PandaTV buying Broxh a new gaming PC after discovering they shared a mutual love of massive online multiplayer game, World of Warcraft, but Broxh had no way to play it at home.

"I think you've shocked everyone with your humbleness and you seem like an absolutely wonderful dude," he told Broxh as he gave the present.

These days Broxh is still streaming whakairo but also making good use of the PC gifted to him by playing World of Warcraft’s latest expansion Shadowlands for his immense online audience. 

Listen to the podcast to hear the full conversation with Broxh and PandaTV.

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