Robbie Williams reveals struggle to stay sober during Christmas period

With Christmas just around the corner, workplace parties and festive family gatherings will soon be in full swing - but it might not be the easiest time of year for some.

While the chance to unwind and celebrate the year, can often stock a generous bar, which could pose problems for people who have addictions.

Singing superstar Robbie Williams, who has personally dealt with alcohol and drug abuse, says the Christmas period can be a difficult time for people who have struggled to resist things like alcohol and drugs.

"At the start of getting sober it was just horrendous, because you strip away booze and you strip away powders and you strip away pills, and you're just left with the crippled person that is this shell of somebody they used to be," he told The Project on Tuesday. 

"You're depressed, you're full of anxiety, you're scared, and you don't know who you're going to be without drink."

Add to that pressure the message that Christmas is a time when "you should feel love and feel safe" with those around you, he says it can be a "depressing" time.

"Everything is all of these signs going, 'it's a time for sharing, it's a time for giving and it's a time to rejoice', and that's the diametric opposite of how you feel when you take away your crutch and your crutches, which are those powders and those pills," he said.

"It's almost suicidal. I know that's real talk, but it can make you that depressed."

His advice for those who are dealing with addiction, "as somebody who has been there and come through the other side", is to stand by performing the right actions and right thinking, and "keep on keeping on".

"It won't always be that way."

Watch his full interview on The Project above.

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