'What is going on?': Kardashian kids do the haka on Scott Disick's Instagram

The children of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian have made waves by performing the haka in a clip shared on Scott Disick's Instagram story to his 24.4 million followers. 

Saint and North - the children of Kim and Kanye West - along with Kourtney and Scott's daughter Penelope and two other kids gave an enthusiastic and surprising rendition of Ka Mate while stood on a flight of stairs. 

The young performers finished the traditional Māori dance with a pukana, leaving viewers baffled as to how and where they learned the actions and pronunciation of the words. 

"Why did I just wake up to the Kardashian kids doing the Haka?" one Twitter user asked. 

"The fact that the pronunciation of some words is actually correct has me so confused!? It really comes across like it was the kid's idea and scott showed it to the world like a dumbass," said another. 

'What is going on?': Kardashian kids do the haka on Scott Disick's Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram/Scott Disick

Scott captioned the video: "TikTok ya don't stop. Ain't got nothing on us!" There is currently a #HakaChallenge trend on the popular social media app, but it's not clear if the Kardashian kids' performance was filmed for that purpose. 

The clip has prompted a mixed response online, with some calling it a "messed up" version of cultural appropriation, while others were pleased to see the kids paying homage to the haka on a global platform. 

"I thought the Kardashian kids doing the haka was cute. They weren't laughing at it. They enjoyed themselves. It felt like appreciation in this context. They pronounced most of the words better than half the people I know do," one tweet read. 

"Thats right, they only kids, enjoying themselves. Mauri ora tamariki ma," said another. 

Meanwhile, one Twitter user said the dance was "Discrediting a culture if I've ever seen it." 

Another urged Scott to take the story down, calling it "culturally unacceptable". 

"Do you even know the meaning of the Haka & Pukana? May seem like innocent "fun" but I suggest you LEARN the reasonings and don't MOCK OUR CULTURE."