Bridgerton's intimacy coach reveals juicy behind-the-sex-scenes secrets

The intimacy co-ordinator from Bridgerton - the latest, and perhaps raunchiest Netflix series to take over the world - has revealed all the behind-the-scenes details of directing the show's infamous sex scenes. 

Lizzy Talbot spoke to The Edge hosts Sharyn Casey and Jayden King about her role on the show, which included everything from making sure the actor's behind's weren't too shiny to having "frank conversations" about boundaries. 

So, without further ado…

Here are the sauciest bits of intel from Talbot's time on the set of Bridgerton

How much planning goes into choreographing the 'intimate action'? 

Heaps, apparently. "We do a lot of our stuff in pre-production," Talbot told The Edge Afternoons show.

"There's a lot of work that we do in meetings and phone calls so we don't get to set and go "errr, what do we do?' We've got it all mapped out beforehand." 

Talbot said that most of the potential awkwardness was avoided on set because "frank conversations" have been had in advance, in which the actors can make their expectations really clear. 

"And then on the day we can kind of just rock and roll!" she said. 

How naked are they really? 

They're not! Although there's still plenty of skin on show. "Everyone that you see is wearing a modesty garment," Talbot explained. 

For those of us not in the know, that's a protective covering which makes sure no genitalia is on show and that the actors are sufficiently padded. 

"[That's] so that there's not direct contact between bodies.There is actually some separation so that everyone is a little more comfortable," she said. 

On that note, what happens if an actor gets too 'excited'? 

Talbot admits that "physiological reactions" happen for both the men and women on set, but reveals that's where the 'modesty garment' really comes into its own, due to the heavy-duty padding. 

"It's not to constrain [the genitals]'s not to prevent [an erection] from happening… but if that does happen, you can carry on regardless because you're not going to know either way. 

"We don't have to embarrass an actor by taking them out of the room and getting them to calm down, because no one knows if it's happened or not," she revealed. 

Which of the cast were the hardest to work with? 

Jonothan Bailey and Sabrina Bartlett, who play Anthony and Siena, apparently - but not for the reasons you might think. 

"We just laughed all the time and ran out of rehearsal time a lot," Talbot said. 

"They're really good friends in real life too. There was a scene where he had to lift her up, and something slipped or she lost her grip and she kind of just slid down him like a fireman's pole," she explained, adding that the trio descended into hysterics while the production team was calling them on to set. 

What's Regé-Jean Page really like? 

"Regé has got a really cheeky sense of humour, you'll be chatting to him and he'll just say something really left field," Talbot said. 

Meanwhile, Casey claimed she had it on good authority that a few Kiwi women had been asked out by the actor when he was visiting New Zealand last year. Casey said that Page had been turned down, and that the ladies in question were now regretting their decisions. 

What's happening off-camera during the sex scenes? 

Along with all the stuff you'd expect - cameras, lights crew - the scenes shot in Castle Howard in York required a museum curator to be present to make sure the cast didn't damage the hand painted Chinese wallpaper during the more "acrobatic" scenes. 

"What you can't see in every single one of those scenes that we're in Castle Howard for, there's a museum curator just quietly to the side, reading a book...while all this intimate scene is going on, very respectfully," Talbot said. 

"That is a very strange situation," she admitted. 

Bridgerton has just been confirmed for a second season on Netflix, and according to the streaming giant, is on track to be viewed by 63 million households in its first month of release. The show is inspired by Julia Quinn's series of bestselling romance novels, the Bridgerton Series.