Flight of the Conchords' Jemaine Clement mocks horned 'QAnon Shaman' US Capitol rioter

Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement sneered at the horned-hat-wearing man dubbed the 'QAnon Shaman' who stormed the US Capitol last week, ridiculing his living situation after details of his personal life were published by media outlets. 

Clement tweeted about a Daily Mail article on Jacob Angeli Chansley which stated the MAGA rioter was a failed actor who lives with his mother, roaming the streets in his unique outfit while "spouting conspiracy theories" about COVID-19 and the FBI. 

"Why does 'lives with his mom' come up so often?" Clement questioned on social media. 

"These moms have got to limit internet time. My mum would be [like]: 'Get off the internet or you'll be radicalised!'" he added in a second comment. 

The Kiwi comedian has been regularly chiming in on the political unrest taking place in the US and at one point was even accused of resembling the 'QAnon Shaman' in his role as Keiran in the Steve Carrell movie Dinner for Schmucks

Twitter user Sam's Dad shared a still of Clement from the comedy flick in which he's dressed as a goat, wearing horns not dissimilar to those worn by Chansley during the Trump mob's attack on the Capitol. 

"Were you the guy in the Capitol this week? :-)" Sam's Dad tweeted at Clement. 

"Aw... don't do that to me," he replied. 

Another celebrity claimed to be a doppelganger of Chansley's was pop star Jamiroquai, who publicly clarified he "wasn't with all those freaks"

That comparison was one Clement could get behind, however, as he tweeted the lyrics of Jamiroquai's hit 'Virtual Insanity' as an "excerpt from [Chansley's] speech" alongside a photo of the horned man standing up on the dais inside the chamber.