James Corden commits to losing weight in 2021, announces WW partnership

  • 04/01/2021

Television star James Corden has committed to getting healthier in 2021 and publicly stated it's the last year he'll make losing weight his New Year's resolution.

The British Late Late Show star wants to follow in the footsteps of fellow TV hosts Oprah Winfrey and Ricki Lake, who also lost a great deal of weight before their viewers' eyes.

Corden released a video on YouTube saying he announces a plan to lose weight at the start of most years, but then fails.

"I've realised that every year for the past decade - probably even 15 years - on January the 1st I've told myself and anyone that would listen that I'm going on a diet, I'm going to lose a load of weight," he says in the video.

"I'm fed up with the way I look, I'm fed up with being unhealthy.

"Over Christmas I've eaten everything that was in the fridge because in my head, in January, I'm starting this diet and it'll be a success. And as you can see, well, it hasn't."

In the clip, he goes on to say he's "spent a long time accepting that this is my body and that's it" and that he's "sick and tired of just doing the same thing every year".

Corden says he contacted WW, formerly Weight Watchers, and asked for help with losing weight. The TV star has since partnered with the company and is giving away some annual subscriptions in the hope that followers can also lose weight as he does.

"I'm going to embark on this year of health... so if you want to embark on this year of health, you want to do it together, you and me, let's make this the last year that this is our New Year's resolution."

As well as his TV show, Corden has also starred in films such as Lesbian Vampire Killers, Kill Your Friends and Cats.