Mai FM's K'Lee reveals summer spent in hospital with pregnancy complications

Mai FM host K'Lee has revealed she's been hospitalised since mid-December due to pregnancy complications that have seen her on forced bed rest and unable to return to the airwaves. 

"This pic is how I wished I spent my summer - flowing dresses, sunshine, beaches," K'Lee captioned an Instagram post of herself at the beach. 

"The reality is quite the opposite - I've pretty much spent my days in hospital under the amazing care of doctors and midwives since mid-December." 

"My pēpi wanted to make an early appearance," she explained. "By God's grace and forced hospital bed rest, we have managed to keep her cooking for an extra while. Keeping those legs crossed lol!" 

The mum-of-four explained she was advised that she was at a high risk of premature delivery and "probably won't be leaving the hospital without a baby" 

"This is going to be a very long journey!" she added. 

K'Lee also made a shout out to her Mai FM colleagues, who have all returned to their shows this week. 

"I wish I could say 'catch me on @mai_fm from 10-3pm' but for now... you won't," she wrote. 

"Love my job, love the music, love the listeners, the connection, the energy and excitement - guess that's why I've been at #MaiFm for 10 years this 2021!

"In my terminator voice: 'I'll be back' - just don't know when? This is definitely NOT goodbye!" 

The broadcaster thanked everyone who had "reached out and sent her their aroha and karakia", adding: "It's working! Everyday that pēpi stays in my puku is a blessing for her to grow, be stronger, and much less time in NICU in the Future." 

"Thank you to my whanau, my partner and children for holding it down, and understanding our 'temporary short term situation for a bigger, better healthier future!'" she concluded.  

"All things are possible through God! We are grateful for every day!"