Review: Naomi Watts, Rachel House elevate Penguin Bloom

Oscar-nominated Australian actress Naomi Watts has a new film in cinemas, starring opposite Kiwi star Rachel House. It's based on a true story and it's called Penguin Bloom.

I feel like it's been way too long since I watched the wonderful Watts on the big screen and she brings her A-game as usual here.

Watts is real-life Sydney-sider Sam, a surfer, adventurer, and mother to three boisterous boys.

A sudden freak accident has a catastrophic impact on Sam, physically and mentally, as our story gets off to an understandably dark and challenging start.

Her son Noah brings home an injured baby magpie, a bird they call Penguin, and Sam finds a focus for all her anger and hurt and the family feels even more at risk of implosion. 

When Rachel House's character Gay, a kayaking instructor, enters the fray, some light starts to seep through the cracks and both of these all-class actors just light up the screen.

There is a quiet simplicity to the telling of this inspirational story which really resonated with me and Watts and House really bring home the bacon, elevating proceedings even more.

Four stars.