New Zealand actress Rachel House talks Soul, another beautiful Pixar outing

Disney's Pixar Studios has scored another critically acclaimed success with their new movie Soul - a film which also sees the Pixar debut of New Zealand actress Rachel House.

The phenomenally talented Rachel House is no stranger to the Disney voice booth. Her standout role as Gramma Tala in Moana won her the hearts and minds of fans globally.

But when it came to starring in new Pixar outing Soul it was her collaboration with Taika Waititi that secured her the role.

On the hunt for a 'real bad egg' as Paula in Hunt for the Wilderpeople, she won over one very special fan: Pete Doctor - the creative genius behind Toy Story, Wall-E, Up, Inside Out and now Soul.

"I got sent a description of what the character might be. I didn't know they wanted to use my New Zealand accent," House says.

"I had no idea that Pete Doctor had seen Hunt for the Wilderpeople and ostensibly wanted that character in the film."

And that character is Terry.

"She's in charge of counting souls and she takes it very seriously. No soul left behind," House says.

So when one of her souls - jazz musician Joe Gardner - goes missing, she will not rest until she finds him.

Soul is yet another beautiful Pixar outing built for the adults as much as the kids and is just the kind of story this actor lives for.

"I think it enables us to put ourselves into another person's shoes and I think with that comes empathy. I think that's something Pixar do all the time," House says.

"It brings us a little bit closer together, it's all about humanity and I think this film sums that up really beautifully as well."

Which sounds like the perfect way to kickstart 2021.