UK comedian Russell Howard on his bizarre 'penguin walking' NZ quarantine experience

UK comedian Russell Howard is fresh out of quarantine and ready for a tour around Aotearoa.

Howard joined The Project on Wednesday and detailed his quarantine experience, including an extremely "thorough" COVID-19 test. 

"I should've said it before but I'll say this now. The nurse that tested me for COVID was thorough. She was deep, man. If she did prostates, I'd have no tape," the comedian said to the delight of the other hosts. .

Howard also said he's stoked the country let him in - even if it means being stuck in a room for two weeks.

When asked by co-host Jesse Mulligan why he decided to come to New Zealand, Howard said the gigs were already planned before COVID. 

"Well, I had these gigs planned originally and then I had to apply to see if they could still go ahead and they let me in."

"But they said you could only do it if you stay in a hotel room for two weeks, and as you can't do anything, anywhere else in the world - I did the time."

But the comedian said he didn't mind.

"I didn't mind it to be honest. I mean - I went mad, but on the outside you know that there's real life, that there are gigs."

"You walk around in a circle sort of like a demented penguin and it's so much fun. So as soon as we got out it was so weird walking in a straight line. It was like, 'this is amazing'."

Howard also revealed he plans to hit up some of Auckland's bars tonight after his gig. 

Tickets for Russell Howard's "Respite" tour can be purchased online here.