Watch: Skater Levi Hawken showcases New Zealand scenery in viral video

One of the most beautiful stretches of road in the world has been showcased in a whole new way. 

Skater Levi Hawken posted a downhill journey skating through Fiordland on social media - leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. 

You might remember him from the viral Nek Minnit video.

But his latest viral video, captured using a GoPro, was of him and his friends skating the road to Milford Sound. 

At his peak, he was hitting 70km/h.

"It feels like when you see a swallow and it's flying and it's swooping and diving and it's just flowing," Hawken told Newshub.

He couldn't pass up the opportunity that our closed borders and rare dry conditions offered. 

"I think that right now with how quiet it is, you know, like it's the perfect time really," he said.

"I guess with this COVID-19 thing, it's really been a silver lining for me with how empty it's been and how much I've been able to skate so much more safely."

Technically this is legal, but Police say risky or dangerous behaviour is not - adding you must follow the road rules no matter what your vehicle is.  

And here's some advice from the pro if you're considering giving it a go.

"I wouldn't recommend that anyone skates it unless they're really experienced," Hawken says.