Why Meghan Markle not accompanying Prince Harry to United Kingdom is pleasing officials

"A decision not to come would postpone that headache for a while at least."
"A decision not to come would postpone that headache for a while at least." Photo credit: Getty.

Meghan Markle reportedly won't accompany Prince Harry when he returns to the United Kingdom to visit the Queen and other high-profile royals.

It's nearly been a year since the royal renegades ditched their senior duties for a new life with their young son Archie. While the pair said they wanted to split their time between North America and the United Kingdom, they haven't been back to Britain since. 

The Daily Mail is now reporting that it's almost certain Prince Harry will return to his homeland during the northern hemisphere summer. While plans are yet to be finalised, it's reported that Harry will be without his wife and son.

The media outlet's sources apparently "stress" that Meghan's decision not to accompany her husband isn't a "snub" but for "personal and practical reasons". 

There has been concern that the pair attending significant events in the UK this coming summer - such as Prince Philip's 100th birthday celebrations - could distract from the occasions.

Meghan not attending "would certainly help officials navigate what is likely to be a fairly tricky situation". 

"Harry wants to come back for The Queen and Prince Philip's big birthdays. But it looks likely it will be just him. If Meghan comes back, the feeling is that it would overshadow the occasion. People would only be looking at the 'drama' of it all," one source said.

"Of course she would be welcome, but a decision not to come would postpone that headache for a while at least."

Ever since Harry and Meghan began dating they've attracted significant media attention. That has only escalated in recent years with the pair filing lawsuits against some outlets for privacy issues.

Harry and Meghan's attendance at last year's Commonwealth Service - their final appearance with the royal family before flying off - was highly scrutinised. Critics and the media poured over their body language and how they acted with other family members, such as Prince William and Kate Middleton.