Another of Marilyn Manson's exes Jenna Jameson says rockstar told her he wanted to 'burn her alive' when they dated

UNITED STATES - Singer Marilyn Manson and Jenna Jameson , circa 1997.    (Photo by The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)
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Warning: This article contains content that may disturb some readers.

Former porn star Jenna Jameson revealed the violent fantasy Marilyn Manson shared with her and the bedroom preferences that left her bruised following accusations of abuse from at least five other women. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Jameson, who now uses her partner Leon Bitton's last name, said she broke off her brief relationship with Manson after he revealed he would like to "burn her alive". 

"Our relationship was odd. We didn't go out long because I cut it off after he would nonchalantly say he fantasized about burning me alive," she said. 

"Sexually he liked to bite, and it was disconcerting." 

Bitton said while her 1997 relationship with Manson was entirely consensual, she was left with bruises from his bites that "weren't fun". 

Bitton's remarks come after Manson's ex-partner Evan Rachel Wood alleged she had been subjected to "horrific abuse" by the 'Beautiful People' singer after he began "grooming" her as a teenager. 

Four more women spoke out about the 52-year-old's "horrifying, deranged behaviour" alongside Wood, and since then, more have come forward. Wood has been sharing the latest testimonials on her Instagram Story with trigger warnings due to the nature of the content. 

Fellow actress Rose McGowan, who was at one point also engaged to Manson, stated she stood with all of the rockstar's alleged victims. 

"I am profoundly sorry to those who have suffered the abuse & mental torture of Marilyn Manson," McGowan wrote in an Instagram post. 

"When I say Hollywood is a cult, I mean the Entertainment industry including the music industry is a cult. Cults protect the rot at the top." 

Manson has disputed the claims against him, calling his former partners' testimonials "horrible distortions of reality".

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