FKA Twigs claims Shia LaBeouf bragged about shooting stray dogs to get into character

FKA Twigs claims Shia LaBeouf bragged about shooting stray dogs to get into character
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Warning: This article discusses domestic abuse and may be distressing for some readers. 

FKA Twigs has unleashed more shocking claims about her ex-partner Shia LaBeouf, including accusing him of bragging about shooting stray dogs in order to prepare for a role. 

The 'Cellophane' singer has given several interviews detailing her relationship with the actor - which she says was the worst experience of her life - since she filed a lawsuit against him, citing physical and mental abuse, and sexual battery. 

In her latest interview with Elle, Twigs reiterated that she is sharing her story in the hopes of helping others struggling to escape domestic violence. 

Several new and horrifying revelations were shared by the 33-year-old musician in the article, including the allegation LaBeouf said shooting stray dogs "helped him get into character" for his 2020 film Tax Collector

"I said to him, 'That's really bad. Why are you doing that?' And he was like, 'Because I take my art seriously. You're not supporting me in my art. This is what I do'." 

Twigs added that LaBeouf belittled her profession as a singer, saying he didn't "just get up on stage and do a few moves". 

"He made me feel bad, like I didn't understand what it was like to be an actor or to do this... method [acting technique]."

On the subject of firearms, Twigs claimed a handgun of LaBeouf's was kept by the couple's bedside, leaving her too afraid to go to the bathroom in the night in case LaBeouf shot her thinking she was an intruder. 

Twigs said she sent a picture of the gun to her manager as a "little clue" in case something went wrong. 

"I thought to myself, 'If he shoots me, and then if there is some sort of investigation, they will put the pieces together. I need to leave little clues'," she said. 

The British musician also elaborated on her claim that LaBeouf knowingly gave her an STD, alleging he went as far as to hide his symptoms with makeup before. 

Twigs said that she felt she had now "given [LaBeouf] back his dysfunction", having carried it herself for a long time. 

"It was with me onstage, every time I did an interview, on every red carpet. I was not enjoying any of it," she said. 

"Because I was still holding it. But now I've given it back. Now he gets to hold it. And everyone knows what he's done." 

Having originally admitted to "being abusive" to those close to him in a statement following Twigs' lawsuit, LaBeouf's legal team went on to deny "each and every allegation" put forward by the singer. 

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