Lady Gaga offers $500k reward for stolen French Bulldogs after dog walker shot

Lady Gaga is offering a US$500,000 reward for the safe return of her pet French Bulldogs after her dog walker was shot and the animals stolen. 

According to US media reports, a man named Ryan Fischer was the victim of a shooting just before 10pm on a Los Angeles street while out walking the singer's three dogs - Koji, Gustav and Miss Asia. 

TMZ has obtained a disturbing video that claims to show the confrontation as filmed from a neighbour's security camera. In the dramatic clip, two men pull up in a white vehicle and make a grab for the dogs. A gun is brandished at the dog walker and one man can be heard saying "give it up" before firing at Fischer. 

The men made off with Koji and Gustav, while Miss Asia evaded capture and stayed with Fischer, who reportedly cradled the dog as he lay on the pavement getting treated for his injuries. He is expected to survive the attack. 

A representative for Gaga, who is currently in Rome filming a Ridley Scott movie, confirmed the 'Stupid Love' singer was offering a half-million-dollar reward with "no questions asked" to whoever could return her two dogs. 

There is reportedly a growing trend in the US of French Bulldogs being stolen for resale and breeding due to their high price tag and popularity. It's not yet known if the perpetrators knowingly targeted Gaga's animals. 

The Grammy winner's father Joe Germanotta told Fox News the entire family was upset by the incident. 

"Shooting someone in order to steal dogs is wrong," he said, before pleading with the public to help "catch these creeps".