Nearly half of Brits want Prince Harry removed from line of succession - poll

Nearly half of Brits want Prince Harry removed from the line of succession and never become eligible to be King, according to a new poll.

Prince Harry is currently sixth in the line of succession, sitting behind his father Prince Charles, his brother Prince William, and William's three children.

However, with Harry and wife Meghan Markle having ditched the United Kingdom and royal duties for "independence" and entertainment deals worth millions of dollars in the United States, it appears Brits aren't so in favour of him ever having a chance of becoming King.

A YouGov poll, for which more than 4200 Brits were surveyed, found that 49 percent of respondents want Harry removed from the line of succession. Just 28 percent believe he shouldn't be removed, while the rest don't know. 

Broken down by age, 62 percent of those aged over 65 want Harry to be removed, while 38 percent of those aged between 18 and 24 are supportive of the Prince keeping his position. 

Nearly half of Brits want Prince Harry removed from line of succession - poll

The poll comes just days after it was announced that Harry and Meghan had officially split from the royal family. Back in January 2020, the pair came to an arrangement with Buckingham Palace which saw them step back from their senior roles. After a review a little over 12 months on, it was decided that would become official.

On their way out, the couple had a parting shot for the monarch. 

After the Queen confirmed it wasn't possible for Harry and Meghan to continue with their royal public service, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released their own statement, saying "we can all live a life of service" and "service is universal". That was described by some palace insiders as a "hurtful jibe" and "horribly disrespectful" to the Queen

With the pair splitting from the family, they have lost a number of military, Commonwealth and charitable associations, such as with the Royal Marines, the Royal National Theatre and the Rugby Football Union. 

Fans of Harry and Meghan won't have to wait long to hear their thoughts on their departure. They will speak to Oprah Winfrey on March 7 in what is being described as a tell-all television interview.