Rebecca Black talks about her 'wild and insane' new 'Friday' remix

Viral superstar Rebecca Black of 'Friday' fame has released a 10th anniversary remix version of the pop classic, once derided as one of the worst tunes ever recorded. 

'Friday' was released in February 2011, and was an instant hit, listeners unable to get enough of Black's grating, nasal and heavily auto-tuned vocals and inane lyrics about 'getting down on Friday' and 'fun, fun, fun, fun'. 

It also pointed out that "tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards", which cannot be disputed.

The video for the Californian's irritating tune caught Kiwi eyes, inexplicably featuring the Auckland skyline for no apparent reason.  

Black told The Project on Friday (no coincidence, surely) the song changed her life forever.

"I didn't expect my life to turn out the way it did. I always loved to perform and to do music, and that was my dream - to have one day, very far into the future at that point 10 years ago, and things were a little different." 

The song was written by producer Patrice Wilson and Clarence Jey. Black's parents offered their company US$4000 for them to produce a song and video for their daughter, and they offered her 'Friday'. 

Rebecca Black on Friday, February 12, 2021.
Rebecca Black on Friday, February 12, 2021. Photo credit: The Project

The song has had more than 150 million views in the past decade. While time has dulled its impact, some growing to like it - even non-ironically - Black was the target of much ridicule when it first came out. She was only 13 at the time.

"It's hard. The internet is hard, and the way that we treat ourselves and the way that we treat each other is not ideal the majority of the time. I think that everybody, no matter what situation they're in, could use a little bit more easiness on themselves... 

"Whether you've got 20 followers or 20 million or 20,000, whatever it might be, if you are saying something that is true to yourself and is kind... then you're doing your best. As long as you're always willing to learn and keep growing and keep moving forward, then there's nothing wrong with that." 

The new remix amps up the energy of the original, going in a more electronic direction and featuring a psychedelic, futuristic video.

"I wanted to go as wild and insane as possible," said Black. "It's been really cool to see people really root for the song this time around. It feels like we're all in on this like, nostalgic inside joke together."

Sadly, it came out on the exact 10th anniversary of the original tune - which happened to be a Wednesday.