Review: Shadow in the Cloud delivers entertainment in spades

From the set, to the edit, to the big screen - collecting a Midnight Madness People's Choice award at the Toronto Film Festival on the way - Shadow in the Cloud is here, and what a stark raving, rollicking fun ride it is.

The first piece of advice, roll with the silliness. If you're signing up for a historically accurate World War II movie set inside a B17 bomber, you're in the wrong cinema. 

The second piece of advice, strap in, push through the early set-up, and let the fun begin!

A Hollywood veteran of 60-plus films at just 23 years old, Chloë Grace Moretz is having a ball here. She's flight officer Maude Garrett and she's on a top-secret mission to Samoa.

The all-male crew of man babies she's tagging along with are none too happy about having a broad on board - but she's having none of that carry-on.

Things take a very sudden U-turn when an evil presence makes itself felt, and staying in the air and staying alive becomes somewhat more challenging.

What can I say? Movies are many things to many people, but at their heart they are entertainment - and Shadow in the Cloud delivers that in spades.

It's a foot-stomping, high-fiving, hard-out, and hilarious big-screen fun time best enjoyed in a cinematic mosh-pit.

Four stars.