Russell Crowe introduces Māori singer Teeks to Ed Sheeran, RZA, Jewel - plus his millions of followers

Russell Crowe has given New Zealand musician Teeks a huge shout out on social media - introducing his famous mates like Ed Sheeran, RZA and Jewel to the soulful singer in a tweet. 

The Hollywood heavyweight shared the music video for Teeks' song 'Without You' on Twitter, tagging in a host of well-known artists and telling them to "check out this little brother". 

Teeks replied to Crowe's tweet, which also went out to his 2.7 million followers, with a humble "thank you sir", before retweeting it himself alongside one of Crowe's most memorable lines of dialogue. 

"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?" Teeks wrote, utilising Crowe's iconic phrase as Maximus Decimus Meridius in Gladiator

The track did catch the attention of Wu-Tang Clan's RZA, who retweeted it to a further 801,000 followers. 

Meanwhile, Crowe's Twitter followers were delighted by the Oscar-winner's music recommendation, with many saying they had been binge-listening to him ever since. 

"Thank you for Teeks. I listened to it all evening. On this song I burst into tears 'Te Ahi Kai Po'," one Twitter user replied to Crowe. 

"What a beautiful voice," said another. 

"This blows me away, and is instantly one of my favorite love songs," offered a third.

"That almost never happens. Your taste is impeccable, music guru."