Six60 fronts biggest live event in the world

Wellington is hosting one of - if not the biggest - live event in the world on Saturday when Six60 headlines an all-Kiwi show in front of more than 30,000 fans.

At the same time, other events worldwide are limiting attendance numbers and global festivals are cancelling for another year.

Setting the stage for one of the biggest live shows in the world right now.

"There's going to be, you know, 30,000-plus people in here," says lead singer Matiu Walters.

It's a number only possible in Aotearoa as the rest of the world fights the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to this guitarist Ji Fraser says the band wants to put on their best show. 

"To hear those words that this is the biggest show in the world at the moment, like there's almost a responsibility for us to do our best."

The show will be so big it'll host more fans than this week's Super Bowl which had a limit of just 25,000.

With music festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury cancelling this year the fact New Zealand can hold live events is attracting global attention.

Walters appeared on Good Morning Britain where host Piers Morgan was amazed the band were able to hold concerts.

"Good luck to the hottest band in the world right now which is Six60, they're killing it," he said.

That praise is down to New Zealand being in alert level 1 with no COVID-19 restrictions.

Come showtime at Sky Stadium the field will be crammed with fans, the seats in the stands will be full, there will be no need for social distancing, no masks and there will be no limit on how many people can gather. 

The band's played four shows around New Zealand on their current tour with tonight's Wellington, and Hamilton dates still to go.

"I feel for people overseas man, I remember being in lockdown wondering if we'd ever get back to normal, wondering if we could ever perform shows again so there is hope out there," says Walters.

The hope now is to play to an even bigger crowd with the band dropping hints they'll be first to play at our national stadium this year.