'The turn out was crazy': Six60's new 'All She Wrote' music video stars a bunch of famous Kiwis

Six60's new music video for their latest release 'All She Wrote' features a who's-who of New Zealand icons including Dan Carter, Chlöe Swarbrick, Sir Dave Dobbyn and Newshub's own Mike McRoberts and Samantha Hayes. 

The concept for the new clip sees the Six60 boys cruising around Auckland in a convertible and bumping into more than a few famous faces along the way. 

Bassist Chris Mac told Newshub the idea for the video came from 'the car test' that musicians like to undertake before releasing new music. 

"The last thing everyone does is 'the car test' - does the song sound good when you listen on a car stereo? So we thought, why not make that video." 

In true Kiwi fashion, the cameo appearances were organised last minute by the boys texting all the well-known New Zealanders in their contacts lists. 

"We were on a tour and under a time crunch with the video and thought it would be cool to have some epic Kiwis... so everyone’s phones came out and tried to figure out who would be available for a drive-by on one day's notice," Mac said. 

"The turn out was crazy. Dan Carter being available at that moment was a stroke of luck and it's so Kiwi to have amazing people willing to help out at a moment's notice when you have a cool idea." 

Newshub Live at 6pm presenters Mike McRoberts and Samantha Hayes are seen hard at work in the clip, 'conducting an interview' on the street and waving at the boys as they drive past. 

"People always think it’s hilarious, but Mike McRoberts is a really great friend of mine," Mac said. 

"So it was a no brainer to see if he and Sam would come down. Just Kiwis supporting Kiwis, they were great and we really appreciated it." 

Also on the list of celebrities featured are boxer Joseph Parker, Green Party MP Chloe Swarbrick, social media influencer William Wairua, dancers Lance Savali and Kirsten Dodgen, singer Mitch James and dancer/model Eden Coleman. 

Mac said the whole shoot took place in one "fun" day. 

"Five friends, enjoying each other’s company, driving around listening to music. Is there anything better than that?" he asked. 

The band's new song has dropped just as they are about to finish off their Six60 Saturdays tour, which will conclude with one final show in Hamilton this weekend.