Watch: Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan hilariously react to Kate Rodger's interview-crashing child

Kate Rodger's interview with Hollywood heavyweights Jamie Dornan and Emily Blunt took a heartwarming turn when her eight-year-old son Max made an impromptu appearance. 

Newshub's Entertainment Editor was discussing Blunt and Dornan's latest roles in the film Wild Mountain Thyme via Zoom - the interview format du jour these days - when Max wandered into the room. 

"Your little boy walking through!" Blunt responded after Max's second or third sojourn through the back of the shot. 

Both Dornan and Blunt dissolved into laughter, but all agreed that life during the COVID-19 pandemic - filled with lockdowns and video calls - had been tough on their children. 

"It's been full-on for kids, certainly," Blunt said. 

"My kids being six and four, they've actually only been on this planet for a very short length of time, so as much as possible we've all just tried to protect them from it and normalise their world as much as you can - I know Jamie feels the same."  

Meanwhile, it was a fairly normal day for Max, who was off to school. He made his final on-screen appearance wearing his helmet and backpack, stopping in to give his mum a goodbye hug just as the interview wrapped up. 

"Have a good day at school!" Blunt said, while Dornan chimed in: "Bye Max, have a great day!"  

"So cute!" Blunt told Rodger. 

Wild Mountain Thyme is in New Zealand cinemas now.