'Asians are human': Kim Kardashian confuses followers with well-meaning Tweet

Kim Kardashian is facing criticism for an insensitive Tweet.
Kim Kardashian is facing criticism for an insensitive Tweet. Photo credit: File Image

Kim Kardashian is facing criticism for an insensitive Tweet against anti-Asian violence where she reminded her followers that "Asians are human". 

The tweet was in response to the US Atlanta massage parlour shootings where eight women were killed - six of whom were Asian.  Robert Aaron Long, 21, has admitted to opening fire at the three massage parlours. 

Kim took to social media to express her heartbreak over the killings.

"It breaks my heart seeing all of these devastating stories of the violent cases towards Asians that happens every day, particularly the elderly," the reality star wrote captioning an image that read: "STOP ASIAN HATE."

It was the next part of the caption that left many Twitter users confused.

"Asians are human and deserve to be treated as such!!!" It read. 

"Thanks for reminding us that a group of people are human," one perplexed follower responded. 

"You would think this was a given but I guess white America needs to be reminded." 

"Asians are humans? Was there a doubt by anyone, such that you had to declare that?" Another wrote.

"You might want to walk that back given that you are trying to support Asians." 

"Think first, then write."

Officials have said Long has issues with sexual addiction and the shootings may have not been motivated by racial hatred.

Long appeared to have frequently visited the massage parlours he targeted and was heading to Florida when he was apprehended, perhaps to carry out further shootings.  

"The suspect did take responsibility for the shooting," Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department told a news conference.

"It’s a temptation for him that he wanted to eliminate," Baker added, referring to what he said were the suspect’s sexual addiction issues.

The killings have encouraged many Americans to speak out against racism towards Asians which according to 7News is on the rise in the US. 

Kim followed up the Tweet by posting a link to anti-Asian violence resources - a post that was better received by followers. 

"Kim, thank you for speaking up against hate," one responded.

"Your persistence is really admiring Kim, always standing for good, you're truly an icon," said another.