Azealia Banks declares her love for David Icke - Holocaust denier, COVID-19 conspiracy theorist

Azealia Banks has declared she "loves" David Icke, an infamous conspiracy theorist known for his alien lizard people theories and being a Holocaust denier, who was recently removed from Facebook and Twitter for sharing misinformation about COVID-19. 

Banks, who has had her fair share of controversy herself, shared a handwritten list on social media, captioned: "I didn't feel like being a hater today so I wrote another love list." 

The document includes names such as J-Lo, Robin Williams, 50 Cent, Janet Jackson and the Hamburglar, alongside Icke's. 

As well as propagating various anti-Semitic theories, Icke also teaches that the British Royal Family and other high profile political figures are shape-shifting reptilians who have hijacked the Earth in an attempt to control the human race. He has also declared 9/11 an inside job, and more recently, falsely claimed 5G mobile phone networks and a Jewish group were behind the coronavirus pandemic

Azelia previously cited Icke's "musings about brain theory and the reptilian agenda" as "an excellent explanation" of her own theories about race and religion in a Facebook post from 2016. 

"White folk have biologically evolved to dissect, quantify and qualify every and anything," the post reads. Banks goes on to claim white people's "curiosity (which is in every respect fear)" prohibited them from being able to truly understand and connect to certain religions. 

The '212' hitmaker has frequently come under fire for racist outbursts and bizarre behaviour, including calling Cardi B a "caricature of a black woman" and condemning Irish people as being "inbred" and having "defective genes".

In 2016, the outspoken Donald Trump supporter reportedly got into a messy brawl with Russell Crowe in a hotel room and uploaded a video of the bloody, feather-filled closet in which she claimed she sacrificed chickens for witchcraft. Earlier this year, she prompted disgust and outrage when she dug up the body of her dead cat and boiled it to preserve its skull.