Backstage footage shows 'nervous' Richie McCaw before taking to The Wiggles stage with bagpipes

A nervous Richie McCaw prepares to take to the stage with The Wiggles in a backstage video recorded at the beloved children's group's Christchurch show over the weekend. 

The former All Black captain told the cameras he was "a tad nervous, just quietly," before he led the The Wiggles in a rendition of 'Scotland the Brave' on the bagpipes, delighting the crowd. 

"The thought of going out on stage with the stars of The Wiggles in front of a whole lot of kids [makes me] a little bit nervous," McCaw says in the clip. 

"They're pretty seasoned performers so they assure me they're going to make me feel comfortable." 

The rugby star revealed the major motivation for his stage debut was his two-year-old daughter, who he says is one of The Wiggles' biggest fans. 

"I could probably sing every one of The Wiggles songs because I've heard them on repeat for the last 18 months," McCaw said. 

"It's great how much they love it - Gemma, my wife said 'you've got to do it'," he added. 

Having wowed the crowd with his bagpipe skills, the sportsman returned to the stage to end the show with the song 'We're All Fruit Salad'. He also presented Anthony Field - AKA The Blue Wiggle - with an All Blacks jersey with the number seven on the back. 

"A surreal moment in the road year 30" said Field. "Richie McCaw playing pipes next to me in his footy jumper!" 

After completing a controversial stint in managed isolation on a special visa to visit New Zealand, the The Wiggles kicked off their highly anticipated 25-show tour of Aotearoa  in Invercargill on Friday, and will finish on April 1 in Wellington.