'End of an era': Why the iconic Outrageous Fortune house had to be demolished

The Auckland house that was the West family's home in Outrageous Fortune and Westside has been demolished, marking the end of an era for an icon of New Zealand pop culture.

With estimated costs upwards of $250,000 to make much-needed repairs on the house, its owners say it was a tough decision to let it go - but they had little choice. 

For Natalie Jones, the Royal View Rd property was her family's home. Now she's said goodbye - not just to a part of Kiwi TV history, but to a part of her own story. 

The iconic home is now a pile of rubble. 

"This means a lot to a lot of people. It's the closing isn't it, it's the end of an era," Jones told Newshub.

The house's exterior was used in all 12 seasons of the two popular TV shows, becoming beloved by fans as a part of our culture they wanted to be a part of. 

"We'd come home and people would be having drinks on the balcony. And fair play to them, you had to kind of giggle to yourself," said Jones.

However, with the house riddled with asbestos and its foundations became badly in need of repair, the tough choice was made to knock it down. 

"People saying 'move it out', you'd be moving the middle section of the house, the foundations would have to be smashed out and the asbestos can't be taken off. It would take a bit of money," Jones said. 

"The options were looked at thoroughly by the family because we knew how much it meant to everybody." 

Once filming on the sixth and final season of Westside wrapped in July last year, another close relative bought the section. 

The two-storey 1960s-era home sat on a 931sqm site in Te Atatū with only two bedrooms - now that it's gone, seven townhouses selling for around $700,000 each will be built in its place. 

Antonia Prebble was a major part of both series as Loretta West on Outrageous Fortune and Rita West on Westside

Some of her best memories from her time on the show were at the Royal View Road home. 

"I feel so connected to it, almost like it is an extension of my family home." 

With one final wave comes a chance to move on. 

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