Jameela Jamil: 'I almost killed myself because of Piers Morgan's lies and hatred'

Warning: This article discusses sucide and may be disturbing to some readers. 

Jameela Jamil has revealed she was nearly driven to suicide last year, blaming Piers Morgan's "relentless campaign of lies and hatred" against her. 

The Good Place star tweeted about the broadcaster after it was announced he would be leaving his role on Good Morning Britain amid controversy over his comments about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's tell-all interview with Oprah

Morgan has become infamous for his disdain for Markle, and recently directed a slew of insults and criticism at the Duchess for her claims about her time as a royal, including insisting he didn't believe her when she said she had become suicidal while pregnant with Archie

Morgan's diatribe against Markle, which took up a good part of the Good Morning Britain broadcast the day after the bombshell interview, prompted over 41,000 complaints to the British broadcasting regulator - one of which was reportedly laid by Markle herself

Jamil appeared to be overjoyed by news of Morgan's departure from the ITV show, claiming he had a profound impact on her mental health. 

"I almost killed myself a year ago because of Piers Morgan’s relentless campaign of lies and hatred against me last February," she tweeted.

"I’m glad I’m still alive today for many reasons. But watching him leave GMB today is right up there," she added. 

Jamil and Morgan entered into a bitter feud online last year concerning Love Island presenter Caroline Flack, who died by suicide. Morgan tweeted old messages allegedly sent to him by Flack, accussing Jamil of "aiming hate" at her. 

"Jameela Jamil is having a lot to say about online harassment, so in the interests of balance, here is a message Caroline Flack sent me last October after the same Jameela Jamil led an online pile-on against her regarding a new TV show she was doing," Morgan wrote in Feburary last year. 

Jamil fired back that Morgan was "this industry's most problematic" person, highlighting the fact that she had recently spoken out about feeling suicidal herself. 

"Piers using a dead woman who I was friends with, as a weapon to try to create further harassment for me as I’ve JUST explained publicly that last week I felt suicidal… is why he is this industry’s most problematic. My criticizing a *show* did not aim any hate at Caroline," she wrote. 

"[Caroline] would be disgusted her personal messages were shared and weaponized against a woman, by a bullying parasite she thought was her friend. I’m out." she added in another tweet. 

"To sell your dead friend's private messages for clicks is a low I’ve never imagined anyone capable of." 

Morgan followed up by claiming Jamil was suffering from "Hypocritical Twerp Syndome", sarcastically stating he was "delighted to see she had miraculously found the strength from her myriad afflictions" to brand him "a 'bullying parasite'." 

"This is such a valuable contribution to the #BeKind movement," he added. 

After it was announced that Morgan would no longer be hosting GMB, Jamil said she'd like to see him replaced by Alex Beresford, the presenter who prompted the host to storm off the ITV set. Beresford condemned Morgan's "continued trashing" of Markle, adding that he was aware the pair and previously been friends and that Morgan had been "cut off" by the Duchess. 

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