MAFS AU bride Alana Lister reveals safety concerns after cooking in lingerie for groom Jason Engler

Married At First Sight Australia bride Alana Lister has revealed a sexy stunt she pulled to impress her television husband had her worried she might end up injured. 

Lister came up with the idea to cook dinner for her partner Engler while dressed only in lacy red lingerie after the pair took a love language test together. 

Having learned Engler's love language was 'acts of service', Lister surprised him by stripping off and taking to the kitchen to whip up a homemade meal. 

"Stop it!" a shocked Engler replied. "I can't believe what's happening." 

"Tonight, she's the perfect woman," he told producers. 

 "I felt like Hugh Hefner...This was the most amazing moment of my life." 

Despite the success of the stunt, Lister later told Nine News she wasn't sure if she was putting herself in danger at the time. 

"The thing I was worried about was, 'Do I need an apron right now?'. 

"But everything that I did with the lingerie on I just did far away from any hot flames, and so most of the stuff I did in the lingerie was the safe parts of it, with no oil splatting and no heat," she explained.

"He was so loving afterwards, to see the look on his face during the cooking, he was just like so appreciative of the gesture, so I feel like it helped us." 

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