MAFS AU groom Chris Jensen quits after bride Jaimie Gardner suggests they fake happy relationship

Married At First Sight Australia contestant Chris Jensen left his television marriage and quit the show after calling his wife Jaimie Garnder a liar and insisting "she's not a nice person". 

Jensen stormed out of the couple's apartment and opted out of the reality TV experiment for good amid accusations his 'wife' had suggested they "put on a facade" and fake a happy relationship for the cameras. 

"Did you or did you not say to me that you wanted me to 'pretend for another week', and to 'stop being so nice to you because it was making you look like a bitch'?" Jensen asked his wife, who denied saying anything of the sort. 

"Now you're a liar," a furious Jensen replied, before making a hasty exit. 

Obviously regretting the pair's decision to stay in the experiment, which they had both declared at the previous night's commitment ceremony, Jensen told producers his wife wasn't who she appeared to be. 

"I can't keep doing this. I can't keep saying 'it's all good' when she puts me down, I can't be told 'stop being so nice because you're making me look bad'," he said. 

"She pretends to be a nice person but she's just not a nice person. I don't know what else to do. I should have just been concerned about myself and should have just left. 

"I don't even want to see her again. I don't want to go anywhere near her." 

Meanwhile, Gardner insisted that while she had been trying to be "rational and composed" in her approach to the relationship, she was not manufacturing anything. 

"I'm 100 percent me, I'm a pretty bad liar," she said. 

Jensen was able to be coaxed back into the apartment for one more conversation with his 'wife', however the discussion didn't last long. 

"I'm not going to keep living a lie. I'm not going to pretend we're all good for a week just because you won't admit I'm not good enough for you," he said, before removing his wedding ring and leaving. 

A shell-shocked Garnder told the cameras the outcome was not what she had been hoping for. 

"I definitely thought that we could respectfully end things, but it's kind of a relief," she said. 

Married At First Sight Australia airs on Three Sundays at 7pm and Monday-Wednesday at 7:30pm, and is also able to be streamed via ThreeNow